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Features Overview


Everything you need to easily get your marketplace in business. We’ve done the hard work for you.

Marketplace Core Features

Domain Name

You can use your own domain


Smart marketplace search technology


Work with our expert team to customize your marketplace

Seller directory

All sellers listed are within a localized seller directory

Custom seller landing page

Sellers receive a dedicated landing page to promote products or services

Mobile friendly

Fully responsive platform that supports all devices

Cloud solution

Fully hosted cloud solutions that are secure and reliable

Blogging platform

Publish articles and videos, engage socially, encourage discussion, moderate and grow traffic

Display and promotions system

Allowing customers to place displays ads


Service, event and holiday booking engine

Listing engine

Complete listing engine for business and private sellers

Marketplace Marketing

SEO optimisation

Be found on Google. This platform has been fully optimized for SEO, allowing for custom H1’s, metadata and content

SEO search landing pages

Create custom SEO landing pages to rank for key terms

Google merchant

Automatically lists your products in Google Merchant

Discount and coupon code

Offer sales promotions like discounted dollar amounts, percentages or free shipping

Competitions and data collection

Create your own fully customized competition and data collection pages

Seller ratings and reviews

Complete seller ratings and reviews with moderation capability

Social media integration

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

Email marketing

Complete email marketing system with expert providers

Shopping Cart

One touch payment

Signed-in users only have to enter payment detail once

Marketplace merchant solution

Sign up sellers instantly

Multi-seller transactions

Purchase from multiple sellers in one transaction

Global tax

Global tax is based on your current location

SSL Certificate

256-bit SSL certificate on all pages

Credit cards

Accepts all major cards leveraging incredible rates

Multiple payment gateways

Fully hosted cloud solutions that are secure and reliable

Flexible shipping

Flexible shipping by product

Free shipping

Offer free shipping on products

Click & collect

Allows sellers to offer ‘click & collect’

PCI compliant

PCI compliant to Level 5

Cart abandonment Reporting

Showing customer drop off rates

Seller Account Management

Dedicated accounts

Consumer and business accounts

Place an advert

Easy to use advert system

Simple account creation

Use social media logins or email to quickly create accounts

Purchase history

Complete invoice history of all purchases

Delivery status

Get live updates on the delivery status of items

Account settings

Allows users to manage their settings

Reporting and analytics

Complete sales and advert reporting

Retailer stores

Seller ecommerce web store platform

Detailed reporting

Comprehensive CRM and KPI reports

Systemic knowledge

Documented processes and systems


Display media publishing tools

Products and Services

No Limits

Unlimited products and services

Advanced categorization

Easy to use advert system


Advanced API allowing for connectivity


POS and ecommerce integrations

Central product database

Makes easy for sellers to list products

CSV uploader

Upload and update multiple products at once


Price, images and advert details at a variant level


Unlimited bandwidth

99.9% uptime

Daily back-ups

Complete redundancy

Instant upgrades

Test environment

Analytics and Reporting

seller and advert performance

Banner performance

Google analytics

Finance and summary reports

CRM and Performance tools

Complete seller CRM

Appointment settings integrated with calendars

Following Up integrated with calendars

Client history including commentary


Vetting and quality assurance systems

Scammer protection

Product status and order tracking

Cart abandonment reporting

Pricing Modules


You can choose to pay a dollar figure per month with unlimited products and results


You can choose to pay on a commission level giving a certain percentage on each product sold

Cost per lead

Charge seller per lead

Cost per advert

Charge per advert placed

Value of enquiry

Charge as a percentage of the value of the lead

Automatic billing

Automatically charge customers

Display and banner

Charge for allocated sections and sponsored content on a recurring basis