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Retail Express is a cloud-based retail software offering powerfully simple in-store POS, inventory management, and integrated eCommerce solutions for growth-focused Australian and NZ retailers.

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  • Auto-sync all online and in-store data
  • Leverage all in-store inventory online  – and vice versa – to boost sales.
  • Offer instant Live Stock in Store and Click & Collect.

Ramp up and grow smarter with Marketplacer + Retail Express

Scale your retail business strategically and generate additional income streams by integrating your Retail Express solution with the leader in online marketplace SaaS technology, Marketplacer.

If you’re a Retail Express customer and you’ve reached a ceiling in your retail or eCommerce business, readjusting your strategy by expanding through a marketplace platform will help you succeed in transitioning your operating model to the new online and omnichannel reality. With the Marketplacer and Retail Express ecosystem working together, you will have the technology foundation needed to support a thriving multi-channel commerce business.

Marketplacer customers get the benefits of an intuitive, omni-channel bricks and mortar point of sale solution complete with upsell/cross-sell capabilities, live visibility into stock levels and supply chains, and the ability to grow repeat sales through targeted marketing and loyalty programs.

The perks for Retail Express customers

Expand product offerings
Grow sales by leveraging existing brand or supplier relationships to expand your product assortment – with minimal overhead and risk.

Grow your revenue channels
With the power of Marketplacer you can start to experiment with modern revenue models such as recurring memberships.

Generate powerful insights
Extend customer insights into customer segments, buying trends, brand awareness and much more.

Create a community
Create a sense of community and belonging for your customers with premium content, membership benefits, curated selections and exclusive offers.

The perks for Marketplacer customers

True omnichannel
Rapidly launch a consistently branded eCommerce presence that delivers the best in-store and online experience possible.

Empower in-store employees
Put product details, real-time stock availability, pricing and a wealth of other product information into the hands of your sales people.

Cross-sell and up-sell
Better engage customers by identifying which products are best for up-sell/cross-sell – unique to each situation.

Consumer-first experiences
Retain customers through loyalty cards, customer intelligence reporting and comprehensive communication options.

Top Features

Accurate stock levels

Always know precisely what stock is at hand with stock levels updated regularly across all platforms and channels.

Inherently flexible

Fulfill customer orders through your marketplace or pass orders to stores for in store click and collect.

Real-time syncing

Use the bi-directional API connector to push product information from your Retail Express POS instance directly into your Marketplacer site - or vice versa.

Unified omnichannel

With integrated front and backend systems, each channel has timely access to all your customer and inventory data from the one central source.