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Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a highly scalable, true SaaS eCommerce solution offering best-in-class features and functionality to provide a highly optimised eCommerce experience.

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  • Enable 1-to-1 personalisation with Cloud Commerce’s next-gen artificial intelligence
  • Connect the customer experience across every touchpoint
  • Manage multiple brands or country sites from the same environment

Grow your business through new digital channels with Marketplacer + Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As a Commerce Cloud customer, you can now leverage Marketplacer to seamlessly connect to 3rd party sellers as you expand your catalogue, sell more products, and deliver a highly connected and profitable customer experience. For Marketplacer customers, this connector extends your platform with Commerce Cloud’s cloud-based commerce platform to empowers you to create intelligent, unified experiences across every channel — mobile, social, web, and store.

The perks for SFCC Connector customers

Expand product offerings
Grow sales by leveraging existing brand or supplier relationships to expand your product assortment – with minimal overhead and risk.

Grow your revenue channels
With the power of Marketplacer you can start to experiment with modern revenue models such as recurring memberships.

Generate powerful insights
Extend customer insights into customer segments, buying trends, brand awareness and much more.

Create a community
Create a sense of community and belonging for your customers with premium content, membership benefits, curated selections and exclusive offers.

Harness the power of an AI driven marketplace
Gain detailed insights into data, accelerate operations, and deliver an enhanced user experience.

The perks for Marketplacer customers

A unified solution
Experience greater agility using Salesforce’s unified, cloud-based commerce technology that delivers one single version of truth.

Drive personalised experiences
Take advantage of Commerce Cloud’s built-in intelligence that predicts and recommends products at every touchpoint.

Simple, smart management
Easily manage and share product information, content, and images across categories, catalogues and sites.


Top Features

Automated product syncing

A full integration between Commerce Cloud and Marketplacer aggregates your catalogues and enriches the quality of product information.

Bi-directional sync

Seamless, real-time data synchronisation across both platforms for a single source of truth.

Easy onboard and importing

Easily import your supplier’s full product ranges – including images, description and variant information - into Marketplacer and have them all appear alongside your existing Commerce Cloud products.

Integrated promotions

Promote your marketplace on your existing Commerce Cloud platform with a feature panel calling out the new Marketplace with links to pre-curated search results or pages.