Bob Jane T -Marts – Success Story

With over 130 franchisees across the country, Bob Jane T-Marts sought a platform that enabled qualified leads to be fed to franchises in a seamless and effective manner.

Customers are now able to browse for their next purchase by Vehicle, Tyre, or Wheel type as well as book in for the fitting all in one experience.

This significantly improves the ability for Bob Jane T-Marts and their franchises to plan their store operations and inventory holdings.



Bob Jane T-Marts faced the challenge of uniting a particularly fragmented market of over 135 franchisees across Australia. Further to this, the company needed to create a more unified commerce experience for customers.

Bob Jane T-Marts sought a platform that would help them offer a greater range of products online beyond the stock they carry within stores. Finding a  solution that would help to reduce inventory holding costs was also a business requirement.


By launching their own marketplace customers can now browse by vehicle, tyre and wheel as well as book in for a fitting directly with their nearest store.

The integration of product data into the marketplace allows for the customised searching to match user behaviour, making it possible for customers to match Tyre to Vehicle online and send a qualified enquiry direct to the dealer.

With the Marketplacer platform, Bob Jane T-Marts now have a more effective means to capture customer leads and drive conversion direct to store.


Bob Jane’s Success

The new Bob Jane T-Marts marketplace now represents all 135 franchisees on one platform.

In the first two weeks of going live, Bob Jane T-Marts saw 6000+ qualified leads come through via phone enquiry, email and direct to stores. In the same period, the site experienced half a million page views and 65,000 ad views from 63,000 users.


“By consolidating all of our franchisees in one online destination, Bob Jane T Marts can now provide some more consistency across stores and ultimately a more seamless online experience for our customers. The real win with a marketplace platform, though, is the ability for the company to reduce inventory holdings and free up a bit more capital.”

Rod Jane, CEO, Bob Jane T-Marts

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