Leveraging an existing community to enable social commerce.

Why would an app with 9-million highly engaged users around the globe see value in establishing a marketplace? Where do you go when it appears you’re already at the top?


Fishbrain is a social network and fishing retailer for anglers all over the world. It has created a community whereby enthusiastic anglers connect and communicate, share intel on great angling spots, equipment used for the catch, and more.

Fishbrain are gatekeepers to an incredible and unrivalled wealth of fishing data, and they knew its untapped potential.


Consider the frustration of having your fingertips on priceless big data. Information you know could inform and power an entire sales industry. Information you know consumers were genuinely hungry for, and yet were unable to easily access. From this came Fishbrain’s challenge – how to best harness social proofing and generate social commerce.

Fishbrain identified themselves as perfectly poised to be the online destination for two worlds: the anglers (or potential buyers) already connected through their app, and the sellers, brands that were adapting their route to market in a changing retail landscape.

Now was the time to unify the brands so that anglers could source all the needs from a single destination.


Fishbrain is a tech company, but they weren’t an online marketplace specialist. Savvy operators, they quickly grasped that a marketplace would be the best way to unify their industry. Once this was achieved, they could then effectively lead their tribe to market.

Despite Fishbrain and Marketplacer offices being located on opposite sides of the world, the two worked to establish the Fishbrain Shop in less than six weeks. This was thanks in part to Marketplace’s expertise and an almost “out-of-the-box” platform that was easily grasped by Fishbrain’s team.

API integrations between existing Shopify seller sites and the Fishbrain marketplace made pitching to brand sellers and executing onboards fairly effortless. By bringing sellers into its sphere, Fishbrain has introduced the missing piece in its puzzle. They already had their community of 9-million potential buyers, now they have sellers to satiate the community’s needs. Moreover, they have an unparalleled level of social proofing before purchase. Consumers inform consumers about what they caught, where they caught it and – critically for the marketplace – the great gear they used so effectively for the catch. The community itself is the most effective sales tool.

Fishbrain Shop Success

Establishing a complete, fully-functional eCommerce-enabled marketplace in six weeks was a sure sign this was going to succeed. In a matter of only months, Fishbrain Shop has gathered over 30,000 products from more than 100 brands. This is one of the fastest growing platforms in Marketplacer’s history.


“Establishing this marketplace has brought together two experts in their respective fields. We have each learned enormously from the other. Both Fishbrain and Marketplacer are interested in making social commerce a success. This project has enabled us both to explore and better understand how to achieve that. It has been one of those rare meetings of minds and talent that has undertaken a journey which is as rewarding as the outcome itself.”

Jens Beckemeier, Product Manager, (Fishbrain) Marketplace

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