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An entirely new revenue stream created in just 9 weeks yielding immediate sales without any initial marketing support.

Growth Story:

– An entirely new revenue stream created in just 9 weeks yielding immediate sales without any initial marketing support

– A fast-tracked product ranging process, with the ability to cut out the added step and cost of retail space

– The first marketplace strategy to roll out globally, HMD Global the Home of Nokia Phones, has created a test market for scale and innovation

– HMD Global now has the capability to work toward the implementation of a true marketplace at the global level. A marketplace rollout provides the capability to expand the brand’s product catalogue infinitely with both buyers and sellers transacting and engaging in new ways


Bringing together the world’s intelligence across businesses, cities, supply chains and societies, HMD Global is a multi-billion-dollar company operational in over 50 countries and, since 2016, have been the home of Nokia phones, upholding the brand’s heritage through Nokia-branded mobile devices running Android operating systems. 

With a global e-commerce strategy rollout central to the business’ transformation, and the Australian market further down the pecking order from a global perspective for this capability, Marketplacer has partnered with the team at HMD Global ANZ who are eager to get on the front foot of its own direct to consumer strategy. Collaborating together, Marketplacer and HMD Global  have a three-phased approach that will see the business unlock the potential of direct-to-consumer sales via e-commerce, increase its product catalogue and distribute this quickly to capitalise on incremental sales. The final phase has potential to include the launch of HMD Global’s online marketplace globally, supporting complementary sellers and building this function into the brand’s My Phone App. 


Needing to plug into the existing front end for Nokia.com and to integrate seamlessly with their licensed My Phone app, Marketplacer was called in to develop a headless integration centred on speed and agility. In this particularly competitive corner of the market, HMD Global needs to be able to distribute its Nokia product catalogue quickly, test, and position the business for a global rollout by amplifying their D2C position and giving consumers a compelling reason to visit their site and purchase. This also means the need to transition their app from customer support and Android setup to having the capability for e-commerce and potentially a true marketplace, with an engine big enough to power a user-friendly cart and checkout journey for their rapidly expanding product catalogue.


Since September 2020, Marketplacer has worked with HMD Global the Home of Nokia Phones to develop a headless API that supports the checkout journey on the global Nokia.com/phones/en_au site allowing the business to simply ‘turn on’ its e-commerce shop in Australia – the first marketplace offering for the brand – enabling immediate new revenue. 

This new platform will allow HMD Global to quickly and seamlessly onboard third party sellers in the local context, before they consider the marketplace for the global business. This growth mindset enabled HMD Global to complement their existing offering and increase their market penetration and value offering to consumers without the risk and with a view to long term growth and business transformation.

HMD Global The Home of Nokia Phones success

In just nine weeks start to finish, the ROI has been instantaneous with immediate sales without any initial marketing. Not to mention the immediate reduction of friction in its sales process, enabling a product to move direct from distributor to consumer without the need for, and cost of, third party retail shelf space. Its latest 5.4 model is selling even faster than expected, and the team sees plenty of untapped opportunity to drive sales with an aggressive digital and above the line campaign to support further driving consumers online.

“Our team is inspired by the opportunity to work with one of the world’s biggest names in technology. With HMD Global, we have the chance to bring their vision for local and global e-commerce to life and build a headless integration that enables their business to grow on and, above all, to position them for greater commercial success through the ability to continually transform with our technology.”

– Jason Wyatt, Marketplacer Executive Chairman


“At HMD, we are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight our customers, and so we felt we urgently needed to reimagine ourselves by enabling a direct-to-consumer relationship via e-commerce. Marketplacer helped us do that at speed with greater agility, flexibility and capability than we could have imagined. Collaborating with Marketplacer’s expertise in conjunction with their world class technology is the solution HMD Global is looking for to reposition ourselves within the market and transform our business.”

– Johan Palsson, Head of Marketing, ANZ

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