JAYCO’s journey to become the destination for buying and selling caravans

With 32 dealer sites but no consistency in lead generation, Jayco wanted to change the way it took products to market and create a more aligned brand experience.

A marketplace strategy has helped Jayco to significantly improve their customer experience and become the destination for buying and selling caravans.


Operating within a very fragmented industry, Jayco faced an inability to sell Jayco products via the jayco.com.au website. While a network of 32 dealer sites existed, lead generation through the dealers was not consistent, and the demographic profile of customers in different states resulted in a variety of different communication preferences (email, phone, in person).

In addition to this, competition with other online outdoors sites has created a challenge for the customer journey. Jayco hoped to find a solution that would allow customers to sell their second-hand vans through the site, fostering a sense of community and unifying the customer experience.



Partnering with Marketplacer has allowed Jayco dealers to capture leads more efficiently and feed them through to dealers directly.  What’s more, Jayco has been able to redefine what a lead is and track the sources beyond just a lead from a dealer visit.

A marketplace solution has helped to revitalise the customer journey for Jayco with customers now being able to browse new and used vehicles on one central site, find their nearest dealer, book a viewing and sell their secondhand Jayco.

This has created a more unified brand experience from Jayco headquarters across each of the dealerships and of course, a better customer experience.


Jayco success

With the help of a  marketplace, Jayco has united its 32 dealerships across Australia.

The site offers significant improvement as compared to the previous platform, resulting in site traffic increasing by 20% on the prior year and an average page load time has halved since the launch of the site.


“It has been great to work with the team at Marketplacer. Being able to unite all of our Jayco dealers through the marketplace has meant that we can continue our focus on providing a great experience for our customers.

Gerry Ryan, Founder

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