Outdoria’s journey to become the online destination for travellers to book, plan and equip their next trip.

Outdoria began as a gear site primarily for the camping and caravanning market – but in partnering with sister site GoSeeAustralia, the marketplace grew to serve a larger need and become the online destination to plan, book and equip for outdoor adventures.



As a marketplace for customers to buy camping and caravanning gear, Outdoria was a purely transactional site competing for a share against big retail operators in the adventure space.

The challenge was to increase its presence, bring on yet more sellers and add features that would heighten its usefulness to the market.

The outdoor-adventure tribe shares a lot of goodwill and generosity with their tips and knowledge of camping and caravanning and secret places. Outdoria knew they could help share that generosity and build their connectedness to this community.

However, to be more relevant Outdoria had to be apart of the entire customer journey, from dreaming through to planning, booking and holidaying.

For sellers, this was about bringing a relevant, motivated and inspired audience to Outdoria, ready to buy from them.



In teaming up with GoSeeAustralia, Outdoria was able to expand its market to those using the well connected outdoor bookings site. The business was therefore built around the philosophy of being the one place to plan, book and equip your next camping trip.

To further engage with this community Outdoria began creating content around the idea of outdoor travel and getting out amongst it, recruiting a team of ambassadors called Outdorians, people already on the road, living out their adventures, to document and share their journeys. These writers and the in-house editors generate captivating content about travel around Australia using beautiful photography from contributors.

By building and promoting that content via a range of channels including social media, a blog, emails and a magazine, Outdoria is able to connect with and increase a motivated market segment and help generate even more interest in seeing the great outdoors.

Spreading the word via social and other media helps Outdoria generate interest in the site from both customers and sellers, offering value to each side of the marketplace and building endlessly through the network effect.


Outdoria Success

From a small listings site when it began, Outdoria now represents 246 (and growing) retail outlets in the one destination and thousands of products. The Marketplacer APIs allow for easy onboarding of sellers and our network of influencers helps to deliver over 1.5 million consumers to the Outdoria marketplace annually.

With over 100 Outdorians currently on board and more and more signing up, ambassadors help promote the love of outdoor adventures and inspire more people to travel via curated content and appealing imagery.

In five years, the goal for Outdoria is to become a well-used global site for travellers looking to book, plan and equip their trips.


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