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Marketplacer is the world’s leading marketplace software platform.


What is an online marketplace?

Throughout history, marketplaces have been integral to communities. They are the place where buyers and sellers meet, where information is exchanged and relationships are developed.

Digital marketplaces work in exactly the same way, except that communities typically share an area of interest, rather than a geographic location.

Marketplaces can also provide consumers or ‘tribes’ with a greater choice of products, increased convenience and lower prices. Sellers, meanwhile, can access a much larger group of potential customers without holding stock on the shelf and they benefit from the technical infrastructure that the marketplace itself provides such as stock display and payment processing.

Marketplace Flow

Who is Marketplacer?

We created Marketplacer to make it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses to begin and scale their marketplace vision. Marketplacer is a global platform which brings the capability to create all types of marketplaces including platforms for products, services, events, bookings and digital downloads.

Our like-minded community of people creating marketplaces gives entrepreneurs and businesses the ability to collaborate and knowledge share. This community, combined with our 10 years experience, ensures we deliver on our promise, that we will make it easier to create successful, scalable and limitless marketplaces.

Underlying every marketplace is a member-based community of interest, which we sometimes refer to as a ‘tribe’. When you make people feel that they belong to a tribe and you harness passion, it is an immensely powerful thing.

Marketplacer is here to help you create your community and bring your tribe together.

Why use Marketplacer?

Marketplacer is the leading technology and business platform used globally by people and businesses that want to create successful online marketplaces that today powers successful marketplaces in the United States, Europe and Australasia.

By joining Marketplacer you not only receive to our award-winning technology platform, but you join our community and gain access to years of experience, knowledge and in-market understanding. We have been there before so we take the hard work out of founding a marketplace, allowing you to focus on growing market share, audience, relevant content and most importantly a sense belonging within your own tribe.


Marketplacer is here to help you bring your tribe together.