eBook: A virtual marketplace for any retailer

When there’s a highly fragmented market, an online marketplace presents the ideal opportunity to bring all the pieces together. Download our eBook to learn why retailers should be seriously considering a marketplace model for their business.

New Wave™ report for marketplace development platforms Q4 2021

Marketplacer is a New Wave™ Leader – the highest achievable ranking – following an independent evaluation conducted by Forrester analysts. Discover the standout features and capabilities behind our top ranking.

McFadyen suite spot: marketplace comparison report

Download your copy of the second edition of the marketplace suite spot report, a thorough and up-to-date evaluation of the top technologies that businesses can use to create, launch, and grow an online marketplace.

eBook: A virtual marketplace for your sport and recreation community

As sporting organizations look to trigger new revenue streams, bolster partnership and fan relations, and offer new synergies to reduce costs, the affordability and unlimited scalability of a virtual marketplace is becoming a valuable strategic tool.

11 imperatives when building an enterprise marketplace

Learn the role marketplace solutions play in the launch of new product offerings and enterprise business models along with trusted recommendations for established enterprises, brand retailers or tribes considering deploying a marketplace model.

Implementing Marketplacer technology around your business needs

In the Marketplacer model, we offer two different implementation models. What you need depends on your existing investments, integrations and marketplace requirements. Use our infographic to decide which one is right for you – headless or connected.

Diversification: Key Strategies to maintain growth in 2022 and beyond.

As eCommerce continues its rapid growth, new diversification models are taking shape. By offering retailers new ways to expand and grow, third-party marketplaces have become a key strategy. Learn how you can start to capitalise on this model with this joint whitepaper from Marketplacer & Power Retail.


What is a Marketplace

Throughout history the marketplace has been central to trade and commerce. Today, businesses still benefit from the concept of a marketplace – but making it virtual makes it scalable, with boundless possibilities.

Marketplacer eCommerce Connector

The Marketplacer eCommerce connector is as simple as plugging a new module into your existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce or Shopify Plus platform for an instant marketplace!

Grow on with Marketplacer

Marketplacer is a global technology Platform as a Service (PaaS) company, equipped with all the tools and functionality needed to build a successful and scalable online marketplace, at speed.


Industry Forecast: Third-Party Marketplaces in Review & What to Expect in 2022

Third-party marketplaces are set to explode in popularity in 2022 as technology developments and market forces align. Learn how your organization can leverage the trend to capture more customers, maintain growth, and scale, all without bearing additional costs and complexity.

What is a third-party marketplace and why you should pay attention

Third-party marketplaces are a relatively new and fast-growing ecommerce trend. Get on top of the strategies and technologies making marketplaces affordable and accessible for so many industries – from retail, to sporting and loyalty clubs.

Why a Marketplace?

Join Barbeques Galore CEO, Angus McDonald, as he shares the inspiring story behind Barbeques Galore’s third-party marketplace launch, and their future expansion ambitions made possible by Marketplacer’s platform and Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector.

The evolution of the retail marketplace: The impact and imminent opportunity

Stephanie Byrne, CEO at Amblique, Angus McDonald, CEO at Barbeques Galore and Richard Hankin, Vice President of Sales at Marketplacer, discuss the evolution of the retail marketplace, its impacts and imminent opportunity.

Preparing for the successful launch of Woolworth’s new platform

Get the background story on Woolworths newly-launched marketplace, Everyday Market from Lance Eerhard, General Manager Everyday Market at WooliesX. Lance is joined by Lisa Powell, Head of Retail Practice at Amblique and Jason Wyatt, Co-Founder & Executive Chair at Marketplacer.

Unbeatable marketplaces: What’s the key?

What’s the winning formula behind the most thriving marketplaces? SurfStitch MD Justin Hilberg, Marketplacer CTO Andy Kelk and Amblique Growth & Optimisation Lead Magalie Payet share insider secrets to twist the lock on marketplaces.

How to capture more sales in your Marketplace-powered store with GiveX gift cards

Giving a gift card from your Marketplace-powered store is easy thanks to our partnership with GiveX. Partnership Manager, Tom Buttigieg, talks to GiveX and Marketplacer customer Providoor to discuss how gift cards can bump up sales and expand your customer base.

Adding flexible payments: tap into the value of our buy now, pay after options

Marketplacer customers can now add payment methods such as Afterpay and Zip to their cart to increase conversions and average basket size. Partnership Manager, Tom Buttigieg, talks to Zip Pay and BikeSportz about the many advantages of a buy now, pay after strategy.

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