Platform For Success


Our Platform For Success methodology

The Marketplacer platform is more than just technology. We’ve developed a methodology by which our customers can leverage our 10+ years of experience, learnings and collective expertise to execute their own comprehensive marketplace strategy.

The Platform For Success is a process that has been created to guide you through the three components of this methodology; discovery, technology and success.

Platform for Success diagram


This initial discovery process is about defining your marketplace goals and identifying the customer needs you are aiming to satisfy.

There are three main elements to this step. The first is a Scoping and Strategy session which helps you a) define the strategic benefits of creating an insights-led marketplace and b) connects the business’s industry insights with Marketplacer’s in-depth knowledge of marketplaces to ensure that adopting a marketplace strategy is the right direction for your business.

The Commercial Workshop  outlines the options available to you when it comes to monetising your marketplace. You’ll be provided with an overview of the typical revenue and cost levers. The outcome of this session will be a modelled three year capital budget and profit and loss statement.

The Technical Scoping session presents you with a proposed architectural design of your marketplace, relevant to your industry and business needs. We will outline the integration approach and the scope of this process as well as the migration plan and schedule. You will be supplied with technical documents and design.



Marketplacer is a global technology led platform which enables our customers to create all types of marketplaces.

Marketplacer Core

Marketplacer Core

Our core technology comprises of the administration system for your marketplace, allowing you to manage sellers, orders, adverts as well as logistics, billings & subscriptions and more.



The platform is modular built, allowing you to create any type of marketplace by choosing the relevant module; whether that be a marketplace for products, services, events or holidays.


Implementing Marketplacer technology

Marketplacer’s platform allows for a range of solutions, depending on your business needs. The core technology can be deployed as a number of components and can be implemented in two ways:

1. Complete end to end marketplace solution:
Your marketplace will be powered by our front-end and platform


Complete end to end

2. Headless approach:
Marketplacer back-end plugs in to your existing eCommerce ecosystem


Fat Headless

How sellers connect

The success of a marketplace relies on letting sellers list adverts as easily as possible. The Marketplacer platform provides several options for sellers to load their adverts into the system.

How sellers connect

Manually upload products
Provides an easy way for a small seller to add and update their adverts.

Spreadsheet for bulk upload
Offers a simple spreadsheet or CSV uploader for sellers to manage their adverts in bulk.

Build into API
The Marketplacer team can assist in custom built integrations using the Marketplacer API.

ECommerce plugins
Instead of developing new API integrations from scratch, sellers can also take advantage of pre-built integrations with popular e-commerce systems such as Magento, Shopify and Neto.

Add ons

Add ons are available to you, such as a world class data & insights module, scalable integrations, and individual eCommerce websites for your sellers and through our Connected Community, your marketplace has access to a host of payment solutions, rating & reviews systems, marketing services and more.


Customer Success

At Marketplacer, we believe in creating success stories.

For more than ten years, we have built successful outcomes with our people, our communities, our partners and our customers.  The final stage of our Platform For Success methodology, SUCCESS, covers the implementation and managed service aspect of the marketplace, ensuring your marketplace can be optimised to its full potential and drive true commercial value for the business.


From a fully developed platform to a basic template to get you started, we offer a full range of services to build your site around your needs and budget. The implementation packages available include a variety of services such as prototype research and creation, taxonomy research and navigation design. The type of package utilised will depend on the scale of your business and business requirements.


Managed services

In the case that your business does not have the time, resources or know-how to operate the marketplace on a day-today basis, there are a number of managed services available upon request to ensure the successful operations of your marketplace. Making use of our team’s operations service on the day-to-day workings of your marketplace frees up your organisation to focus on building and uniting your community and maximising the quality of customer experience and content of your marketplace. There services can include:

Managed Services

1. Seller onboarding:
Involves setting up sellers and assisting with API integrations for supported connections, product mapping and supporting seller policies.

2. Marketplace management:
this service delivers  the daily operations of your marketplace including customer service, eCommerce management, site vetting and site performance.

With its combined years of experience and knowledge in building successful online marketplaces, Marketplacer can help you turn your idea or brand into a unified experience for your customer.

Our Platform for Success formula has been developed over 10 years and ensures the ongoing success of your marketplace, from launch through all the way to day-to-day operations. Simply contact the team at Marketplacer for further insights into how we can help you leverage the Platform for Success methodology to achieve your business goals.